Watts Hassan Associates is a business co-operation between two independent professionals. Our experience in PR, marketing, research, multimedia, social media, email marketing/recruitment and web development makes us a flexible resource for any client, large or small. We enjoy working for clients and agencies but we like to keep time spare for our creative projects too… 

Suzanne Watts

A former associate director of Hemel Hempstead-based PR agency, Publicasity, Suzanne is a marketing communications consultant with 25 years experience in PR, new media, and creative editorial services. To satisfy an insatiable appetite for asking questions, she trained in Market Research and is a member of the Market Research Society after achieving distinction in her Market Research Society Certificate in 2015. Suzanne is a graduate of Liverpool University and has a Post Graduate Certificate in Creative Practice in Marketing Communications from Bournemouth University.

Sherief Hassan

Sherief is a multi-skilled all-rounder with techie abilities in graphics, video-editing, email marketing, and web development.  He’s also a smooth operator on the phone and in the field with sales experience at Xerox, event production at Photoplay Ltd (live cinema) and event recruitment for Medendium Group (medical conferencing). Sherief is a graduate of The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, London Metropolitan University – formerly City of London Polytechnic.